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Receptions, Ceremonies, and Events

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Other Events

Our ceremony spot is located on the East side of The Shed which has "theatre seating" with a bridge surrounded by large beautiful shade trees. This ceremony venue is a must see in person, the simplicity and beautiful surroundings is what makes our venue unique.

The Shed

This large 86' x 100' shed is the perfect place for a wedding reception. Seating 400 people inside with plenty of room to walk around means you don't have to cut people off the guest list, there is plenty of room for all of your family and friends! There is also additional seating outside if needed. The Shed is heated and has A/C, come check it out!

Parties & Celebrations 

Have someone who is graduating and need more room than your garage? The Shed is a perfect place for graduation parties, celebrations, or any other events you have coming up. Call and schedule a showing to start planning your next event. Special pricing is offered!

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